Who We Are 

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You’ve seen the setting sun spilling blush on adorning clouds. You’ve felt its rays touch your face. And when you got home, you can’t justify a full-bodied reply when people ask, “How was your trip?”

We’ve been there.  

And whether this is your first time to dare explore, it doesn’t matter. We want to share that experience with you. We want you to create your own journey.

We’re a small business online who help people in their voyage by marketing the best travel gear. Using our experience and love for globe-trotting, Raqpak designs and aims for:

You can also visit us on Amazon.com and Amazon.uk. If you wished to have a more active lifestyle, more energy throughout your day, then you have come to the right place. If you want to get out more often, trek the trail with your own beat-up sneakers, this is for you too.

We want to share the joy of having a healthier and more active outlook in life. But we also want people to travel smart and be active with precautions. That’s why we introduced Raqpak.  

Have fun. Be active. Stay safe.

We would also love to hear from you! Feel free to ask, comment or share.