Raqpak Beach Blanket FAQs

Yes, please use cold water and mild detergent in gentle or delicate cycle.

No, it is only water-resistant. If it gets wet though, you can still easily sweep away sand. It also dries quickly.

Depending on the use. Since the Raqpak Beach Blanket is made for sand, you may be more comfortable with a padded blanket instead if you’re going to use it on concrete or asphalt.

Sand grains roll off easily from the fabric when swept. They don’t get stuck between the fiber.


Raqpak Travel Hammock FAQs

The Raqpak Double Hammock can hold up to 400 pounds.

Unpacked and unfurled, it’s 10 feet and 6 inches (320 cm) long x 6 feet and 6 inches (198 cm) wide.

The Raqpak Double Hammock is safe under adult supervision. Kids loved playing with hammocks. It encourages them to take naps and spend more time with other kids. Raqpak Double Hammock is designed never to flip over and its sturdy material makes sure no limb gets caught in it while swinging. But just to make sure, please supervise children while they play with the Lightweight Travel Hammock.

The travel hammock comes with a pair of lightweight steel carabiner and a pair of 42-inches long extra-tough nylon hang ropes or tree straps. If you’re going into a place with sparse trees, it would be most advisable to have a hanging kit with you also.


Raqpak Microfiber Travel Towel FAQs

Yes, the towel dries better by patting yourself dry than rubbing it to yourself. This is how the towel leaves your skin soft and moisturized rather than rough and scratchy.

There is a possibility of bleeding. Therefore, we advise to wash it alone initially.

No, this affects the absorbency of the towel.

The towel is 80% polyester and 20% nylon.

After washing it initially, you can then wash it with similar colors in the future. Please don’t iron, dry clean or bleach. You also don’t need to have it tumble dry. Air dry will do but please keep it out of direct sunlight and other sources of heat.


Raqpak Reflective Guyline FAQs

No, it will need a light source to be able to see it in the dark. Since it’s woven with reflective strips, the reflective strips will need light shone on it to be able to see the Raqpak Reflective Cords.

No. It’s made from paracords which doesn’t stretch.


Raqpak Mesh Beach Bag FAQs

The closures Raqpak Mesh Beach Bag has are Nylon Drawstrings with Cordlock Closures.

Yes. It can be washed by mild detergent and cold water in gentle cycle. Dries easily.

In its pocket,  it's 8.2 x 7.7 x 3.4 inches. Unfurled, it has the length and width of 18 x 12 inches and a depth of 17 inches. The straps are 1 1/4 inches wide. 

The each hole in the mesh bag is about 1/4 inch big.


Raqpak Stuff Sack Set FAQs

The following stuff sacks have the sizes of:

The stuff sacks together weighs 3 ounces.

We’re sorry to hear that. You must’ve received a defective product. Please contact us to get your replacement or refund.


Raqpak Aluminum Tent Stakes FAQs

If this happened to you, I’m sorry to hear that. You may have received a defective product. Please contact us here in Amazon to get your replacement or refund.
We also advise customers to try out the tent stakes before using them at camp. This way, you know if you have received your money’s worth.

The Raqpak Tent Stakes are great for hard, rocky earth and easier soil. For snow or sand, we advised to look somewhere else.

Titanium is stronger but more expensive. One advantage aluminum has over titanium is weight.


Raqpak Beach Towel Clips FAQs

The sets available are Large, Small and Mixed. Each set contains 4 clips. The Mixed Set consists of 2 Large Clips and 2 Small Clips.

The Large Clip can open 3 inches wide. The Small Clip can open 2 inches wide.

Depending how it would be use. The Raqpak Beach Towel Clip isn’t a toy and shouldn’t be used as one. Depending on the child’s age, adults must demonstrate and explain how to use the clips and the kids must use it with adult supervision.


Raqpak Cruise Luggage Tag Holders FAQs

One end of the loop is threaded. The other end has a floating barrow. Slide the floating barrow to the other end and put the threaded end inside of it. Turn the threaded end and the barrow to screw together.  

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience if this happened to you. You may have received a defective product. We suggest you contact us so that you can get a replacement or a refund.

No, it doesn’t.

Raqpak Foldable Duffel Bag FAQs

The duffel bag’s volume capacity is 32.74 litres.

Folded, the dimensions are 7x7 inches. Unfolded, the dimensions of the bag is 18.5x8x13.5 inches (lengthxwidthxheight).

The bag is made from water-resistant and tear-resistant 210 denier ripstop nylon.

Yes, the bag is designed to be able to fit under the seat on the flights. However, please read your airline’s baggage policies to conform to their rules.

Yes, the bag is designed to be able to fit in the overhead compartment on the flights. However, please read your airline’s baggage policies to conform to their rules.

Hand washed is preferred. Please wash in cold water with mild detergent. Air dry after.

Yes, since the main compartment has 2 quality SBS zippers.

No. The bag is designed to take shape whatever you put in it.



Yes. We would recommend the Raqpak Stuff Sacks to organize the contents of your bag.

We’re sorry if this happened to you. You may have received a defective product. Please check the bag’s warranty and contact us to get your replacement.

Raqpak Hammock Tree Straps FAQs

We advised that you give your hammock straps a test-run at home before using them for camping. Your safety is also our concern.

Facing a tree, wrap one end of the strap around it. Insert that end to the loop on the far end. Pull tight around the tree. Clip the hammock using a carabiner to any of the daisy loops for the preferred height of the hammock from the ground.

We’re afraid not. Although you can buy Raqpak Wiregate Carabiners separately in our store.

We’re sorry to hear that. You may have received a defective product. Please contact us to get a replacement of ensured quality.

The straps are 1 ¼ inches wide.

Two. One for each strap.

Apply a generous amount of alcohol, hand sanitizer or even nail polish remover to the soiled area. Scrub gently with a soft brush so that you don’t wear the strap material. Wash with mild detergent by hand after.


No, but Raqpak Travel Double Hammock is available in our stores and sold separately.

Yes, the load bearing strength of both straps together (400 lbs.) are designed to hold the weight of 2 people.

They will stretch a little as it would adjust and tighten against your weight. Just to be safe, we advised that you get up and re-adjust the straps again. After that, there won’t be any stretching any more.

Raqpak Travel Money Belt FAQs

The Raqpak Travel Money Belt can hold 4 passports comfortably.

No, the Raqpak Travel Money Belt is designed to protect you from pickpocketers.

Maximally, it can fit a waist of 52 inches.

No, the zipper is made from plastic. Unless you’re carrying a key in your Raqpak Travel Money Belt.

We’re sorry to hear if that happened. Please contact us to get your replacement.

You can. But your Raqpak Travel Money Belt is designed to be worn underneath to protect your valuables. This isn’t a fanny pack where it’s out in the open. Pickpocketers would target you immediately. It’s meant to be hidden so as that your valuables wouldn’t be stolen.

No. The back part of your Raqpak Travel Money Belt is made from a breathable knit tricot that absorbs sweat and lets it evaporate easily. Happy customers have claimed that it’s so comfortable, they would sometimes pat themselves to check if they’re still wearing it.

Your Raqpak Travel Money Belt is designed to hide your valuables in your person that you don’t need to pull out soon.

Raqpak Wiregate Carabiners FAQs

Your Raqpak Wiregate Carabiners can hold 424 pounds each, 848 pounds all in all.

The gate opening of your Raqpak Wiregate Carabiners is ¾ inch.

No. Please choose another carabiner with a Closed Gate Strength of 24 kN.

Your Raqpak Wiregate Carabiners comes in sets of 2,4 and 6 pieces.

Raqpak Travel Laundry Set FAQs

Your Raqpak Travel Laundry Set consists of a bungee cord braided elastic clothesline with a hook and a suction cup in each end, a silicone sink stopper and 10 pieces of PVC-coated steel clothespins.

Clean and dry the inside of the cup as well as the surface of the wall. Try attaching your Raqpak Clothesline again. If it still won’t stick, you may have received a defective product. We’re sorry if this happened to you. Please contact us to get your replacement.

If you ordered a set with a clothesline of 1.3 metres, it can stretch up to 1.7 metres
If you ordered a set with a clothesline of 1.8 metres, it can stretch up to 2.4 metres


It's made from the same material as a bungee cord. It is made of rubber covered in nylon fabric.

Your Raqpak Sink Stopper is 6 inches in diameter.


Your Raqpak Clothespins are 2 inches in length.

Your Raqpak Clothespins have the jaw capacity of ¾ inches.